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FPVLightrax at XDC2 in Las Vegas!

Thanks again to Harrison Gale and Lisa Janzen-Hendricks at XDC2, Chris Thomas at MulitGP, Joe Scully, and special thanks to David from Fat Shark, and Zappos for allowing FPVlightrax to share in your vision.


Video recap of the experience:


Here's a video put together by The Verge showcasing the event.


Gizmodo did a piece on it:


And so did The Awesomer!


Cool shot from Team Big Whoop!


Here's an overhead shot of the event being set up at the Zappos Headquarters in downtown Las Vegas from Freeman White III


Pilot Videos

An awesome run by AJ Goin on one of the most difficult courses ever created!

Zach Thayer (A_Nub) battling it out


3D render of the track


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