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David Wright House Lightrax-Jordan Tempkin

August 31, 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright _Nodeva sept 5th 2017

Wright house - charlie suangka

XDC3 - Flying Home Prod. - Vegas 2016

Jesse P - IDRA Cup Qualifier, Over 1500 Views

The Verge - XDC2   Over 4.3 million views

Zach Thayer - Phoenix Cup   Over 18k Views

FPVLightrax - Version 1.0   Over 15k Views

Bapu FPV - XDC2   Over 46k Views

AJ Goin - XDC2   Over 112k Views

awkBOTS - XDC2   Over 28k Views

Rolf Venz - FAI World Cup  Over 13k Views

FPV Provo - XDC2   Over 46k Views

Tony Thompson - GoPro Awards: Epic  Drone race at night.

Furadi - World Drone Prix   Over 9k Views

FPVLightrax Promo   Over 7k Views

JesseP - Phoenix Cup   Over 2k Views

XDC2   Over 3k Views

Aerial GP - World Drone Prix   Over 3k Views

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